About Allen Jayo_Painted Earth Photography

  Growing up at the southern edge of The San Gorgonio Wilderness in Banning California gave me the opportunity to explore this wonderland of wildlife, wildflowers and mountain to desert landscapes. As a young boy working on a horse and Cattle ranch I learned much of the Characters of Nature. With cameras, horses or bootleather and later often one of five sons in tow, I traversed over this mountain and the Mnt San Jacinto Wilderness to photograph the wonders of my backyard and the surrounding deserts. Many images in my portfolio are Kodachromes and have yet to be scanned, and now with the digital age, new doors have been opened and the art of seeing the light has changed, prodding me with new inspiration and passion for Wildlife and Nature Photography.
  After tons of Kodachromes and now Digital, this life long project continues, and I will be continually adding images to this site as they are scanned or captured. Time and Mother Nature are always at work to change the face of the Landscape, so I believe now is the time to share these images with all who care about our wildlands and its wildlife.
  Hope you enjoy and thank you. Allen Jayo '' Catch ''